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List of Business Programmes
A. Industrial Credit programmes
Long term Finance (upto 10 Years & upto 10 crores)
Medium term Finance (upto 3 Years)
Short term Finance ( upto 1 Year) (working capital)
Syndication Finance (upto 10 Years & more than 10 crores)

A textile project financed by BSB
B. Commercial Banking Services
Maintaining all kinds of general banking accounts with one stop service for payment of cheques.
All kinds of Letter of Credit (L/C) opening with nominal commission (0.5% for 1st quarter and 0.25% for subsequent quarter, not less than TK. 250.00).
Issue of pay Order/Bank draft, DD/MT/TT.
Guarantee issue
Selling and encashment of Bangladesh savings certificates (Sonchoy Pattra) and Prize Bonds, etc.
C. EEF Programme

EEF(Equity Entrepreneurship Fund) is a equity support program sponsored by Bangladesh Bank (Central Bank) with a view to inspire the risky but potential sectors like:

Software Industry (for the projects costing not less than Taka 10.00 million).
Food Processing and Agro-based Industries (excepting the traditional sub-sectors like Rice / Flouer Mills, Fishing Trawlers, Potato Cold Storages etc.) for the projects costing not less than taka 15.00 million.


 Limit of equity support:

Not more than 49% of equity or 33.33% of project cost for bank financed units.
But up to 49% of project cost for borrowers’ own financed units.
Conditions for support:
  • IRR : 15%
  • ROI : 15%
  • DSCR : 1.50 : 1.00
  • Current Ratio : 1.50 : 1.00
  • FACR : 1.50 : 1.00
D. Share Trading Service
BSB Provides Trading facility and client service as well of DSE (Dhaka Stock Exchange) at its share trading cell of head office with nominal commission 237 members are presently enjoying this facility here. No fees required to be a member of BSB share trading cell.
CDS (Central Depository System) Service initiated in the cell for providing online Delivery of Shares in both way.
BSB's Chittagong Branch office has started to provide share trading service to Chittagong people.
E. Incentive Programme for Loan Recovery
Deferred payment of IDCP (Interest During Construction Period) after some moratorium period in installments.
Regular Loan Repaying Projects are honored with special certificates and BSB Crests. They are encouraged to take more loans / working capitals.

Problem Projects are given waiver of interest, rephasement / rescheduling, block account facility for easy repayment of bank’s loan.

F. Rehabilitation Programme
BSB puts realistic efforts to rehabilitate its sick, problem ridden and stuck up projects by ways of:
Rephasement and waiver of partial interest.
Injection of additional funds.
Balancing & Modernization of machinery.
Product diversification.
Strengthening or changing the project management.
Restructuring of Loan Accounts with transferring part of loans / interest in interest free block account(s).
G. Deposit Mobilization Programme
Bank tries to meet its fund requirement from various sources like private, government and non-government organizations for lending and investment.
Interest package on the Deposits is as under :
 Deposit Type
 Rate (%)
Savings Deposit 
Fixed Deposit 
3 to <6 months
6 to <12 months
1 to < 2 Years
2 to 3 Years
3> to 5 Years
Special Notice Deposit

Note:Effective from 27.11.2008, Subject to change from time to time.