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Requirements for preparing feasibility of the project:

1. Technical aspects

A Hospital financed by BSB
- Cost of the project.
- Annual production capacity & manufacturing process.
- Location, infrastructural facilities feature and estimated cost   of the land.
- Civil drawing(s) and cost of civil works.
- Estimated cost of machinery with installation.
- Annual requirement of raw material(s) with source of   availability.
- All input output data of the project.
- Utility services required.
- Implementation schedule.

Note: Relevant things to comply with the machinery procurement policy of the Bank.

2. Market aspects

- Use and users of the product.
- Estimation of demand.
- Market price of the proposed product(s).
- Analysis/opinions on existing market competition.
- Marketing strategy
- Existing capacity and capacity under development, if any.

3. Financial aspects

- Cost of the project & Means of finance.
- Debt-Equity Ratio.
- Fixed Assets Coverage Ratio (FACR) to be considered as 1.50.
- Capital Structure.
- Assumptions of Financial Evaluation.
- Profit Estimation.
- Sensitivity analysis.
- Debt-Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR).
- Break Even Analysis.
- Cash flow statement.
- Projected Balance sheet.
- Internal Rate of Return (IRR).

4. Management aspects

- Structure & Shares.
- Memorandum of Articles and relevant (Joint Stock Company’s) registration certificates.
- Introduction to members of the proposed management, relevant experience, net worth (asset   declaration).
- Comparison of equity proposed and net worth declared.
- Source of working capital or working capital loan.

Note: Lending Risk Analysis (LRA) with estimate of Z-score and Y-score estimation required for proposed loan amount more than Bangladesh taka 5.00 million.

Recent simplifications:

- No documents of assets declared as net worth need to be submitted to BSB.
- Loan proposal be processed within 60 days after submission of application with full documents   required.
- Apart from limited company Partnership and Proprietorship concern too will be financed

  against FACR-Fixed Asset Coverage Ratio 2 times.