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Security of Loans
  • Mortgage / Hypothecation of Land, Building and Machinery.
  • Personal guarantee of the directors/shareholders.
  • 100% Share certificates of the sponsoring directors/shareholders.
  • Additional collaterals, where necessary.
  • In case of rented premises fixed assets equivalent to 50% of loan amount.
  • For Partnership and Proprietorship business concern 2 times security (FACR=2.00).

Project deposit:

After sanction of loan the borrowers have to deposit 10% of equity which will be released as per terms of the sanction letter.

Fees required to be deposited with the bank for new loan:

  • Documentation fee.
  • Charge filing fee.
  • 100% share certificates issued in the name of the sponsoring directors/shareholders of the company.
  • Instrument of Blank Shares Transfer Form-117 duly signed by each of the director/ share holder of the company.

Documentation required for, other than new loan case, are:

  • Additional Loan.
  • Rephased Loan.
  • Change of Director.
  • Change of Management.
  • Change of Project Location (land).
  • Collateral Security.
  • Underwriting.
Documents/papers to be Submitted after sanction of loan and for documentation of loan agreement
Water/soil test report ( if required);
Final layout plan of the factory and other buildings with details structural drawings, cost estimates, etc;
Final layout plans of the machinery;
Copies of guarantee from the supplier for satisfactory performance of machinery;
Copy of agreement with the supplier of machinery for providing erection engineers/technicians (if required);
Final price quotations both for imported/local machinery;
In addition to the supervision and monitoring of the project by the Bank’s officials, professional experts will be deputed by the Bank for a particular period of time. The sponsors shall submit an undertaking to the effect that the salaries & allowances for the deputed professional will be borne by them.
When land/land with structures thereon are required to be mortgaged with bank, the sponsoring companies/firms are to submit the following papers according to its status;

(a) Private Land (Primary/Additional/Collateral/Security):

  • Title deed in respect of the land;
  • Mutated Khatian of parcha;
  • Up-to-date rent receipt;
  • Non-encumbrance certificate with search of records for the last 12 years;
  • Bia-deed, Bia-Khatians etc. in respect of the project land for chain of possessions for the last 12 years
  • Approved site plan showing location and boundaries;
  • Blue prints; and
  • Mutation certificate.


  • Allotment Letter;
  • Possession Delivery certificates;
  • No objection certificate to create mortgage in favour of the bank;
  • Lease deed duly registered;
  • Evidence of payment of purchase price; and
  • Site plans.

(c) Project land acquired by Govt. /Govt.
Khash land Alloted to the Company:

  • Acquisition Order;
  • Requisition Order;
  • Letter of Allotment;
  • Possession Delivery Certificates;
  • No Objection Certificate to create mortgage in favour of the bank;
  • Lease deed duly registered; and
  • Evidence of payment of purchase price.

9. The sponsoring companies are also required to submit the following papers/documents:

1. Private/Public Limited Company:
(a) Certified copy of Memorandum & Articles of Association;
(b) Certified copy of Incorporation/commencement of business of the company;
(c) Certified copy of the return of allotment of shares, if any;
(d) Certified copy of summary of share capital;
(e) Certified copy of share transfer deed, if any
(f)  Permission from the controller of Capital Issues for raising paid-up capital where applicable;
(g) Auditors certificates regarding the paid-up capital of the company;
(h) 100% share certificates of the directors alongwith blank share transfer instruments; and
(i) Any other papers/documents as may be necessary based on the terms and conditions of     sanction of loans.

2. Partnership Concern:

(a) Deed of partnership
(b) Trade License
(c) TIN
(d) Audit report
(e) Tanent Agreement, if applicable.

3. Proprietorship Concern:

(a) Trade License
(b) TIN
(c) Bank solvency certificate
(d) Tanent agreement, if applicable

10. ‘NOC’ from Rajuk/Municipal Authorities for setting up the project on land within their area.
11. ‘NOC’ from BSCIC authority for project to be set-up at BSCIC Industrial Estate;
13. ‘NOC’ from Department of Environment Pollution Control, where applicable;
14. ‘NOC’ from the Director, Drug Administration (for pharmaceutical project only).